Antenatal care (ANC)

The pregnancy health record is the main medical record of your pregnancy. It is provided by the hospital and it is your responsibility to carry and show it. The record has been designed to involve you in discussing your health status and care plan throughout your pregnancy, birth and labor.

Tests and investigations

Prenatal screening and diagnostics test

Various tests will be available to you and your partner during your pregnancy to check for both your health and for the baby. Some tests can reveal if your baby has abnormalities or if you are having a multiple pregnancy (e.g twins).

Fetal monitoring

Fetal monitoring includes various tests and investigations to monitor your health and your baby during pregnancy.

Routine Ultrasound scan during pregnancy

An ultrasound scan during pregnancy is a painless procedure that uses high frequency sound waves to produce a two dimensional black and white image. This image can help identify possible problems with your pregnancy or baby.

Immunization during pregnancy

Having various immunizations before, during and after pregnancy is recommended for best health outcomes for you and your baby. It will provide protection from some infections and serious illnesses for both you and your baby.

Family planning

Family planning benefits the health of women and well being of families throughout the world. Using contraception helps to control unwanted pregnancies, space child births, protect against STDs and many other health bene