About Us

We are a progressive medical clinic

Established as a medical centre, Al-shafa opened its doors in 2005 with a mission to be recognized as a centre of excellence through provision of compassionate medical services and nursing care.

Al-shafa started as a small 60 bed medical centre that catered for the medical needs of the people in the vicinity; providing acute and chronic care, ambulatory medicine, 24hour pharmacy, laboratory and radiology services.

The medical centre employees more than 50 staff and we hope to employ more 150 staff. The entire staff believes in team work and mutual respect; while the management team believes that the continuous success of this hospital depends largely on its staff.
To ensure provision of quality medical care, the management team has been continuously assessing the hospital performance by self monitoring and collection of patient feedback.

Corporate social responsibility

Al-Shafa is responsive to the community’s health needs and is particularly proactive towards the health needs of its environs. We conduct free medical camps monthly targeting specific illnesses (e.g. Sexual reproductive health, maternal and child care, general hygiene and sanitation and educating people about health care.

Our Mission

To provide quality medical care within your reach.

Our Vision

To continuously upgrade our health facility so as to provide quality medical care.