Our polyclinic is about health, vaccination, nutritional education and maturation of children aged 0-14. Diagnosis and treatment are performed during the development of the disease. All required measures are taken since childbirth. Depending on the severity of the disease our patients can either visit outpatient clinic or stay in our hospital. In the necessity of urgent medical intervention we are able to provide you with an ambulance, required technical equipment and personnel.

After childbirth nurses take care of mothers and their new-born babies twenty-four hours a day and pediatricians perform routine examinations until the day of discharge. Because our clinic has “Baby-friendly hospital” certificate, mothers here are also provided with breastfeeding training.

Diagnosis and treatment are performed in our children’s health and diseases outpatients’ clinic, which includes pediatric surgery, pediatric cardiology and sub branches of pediatric psychology.

  • Children’s asthma and allergic diseases,
  • Infectious pediatric diseases,
  • Healthy child follow up,
  • Measures to preserve children’s health,
  • Preliminary diagnosis and treatment of children’s diseases,
  • Evaluation and monitoring of children’s maturation and development,
  • Evaluation and monitoring of social and psychological development,
  • Carrying out vaccination programs,
  • Childhood monitoring
  • Nutrition education and proper nutrition recommendations,
  • Family education, carrying out general pediatric practices.